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Building an Educational GC: Designing for the Future!

Building an Educational GC: Designing for the Future!


We found numerous challenges universities and educational institutions face with their GC systems. After many conversations, we learned that some of the main concerns when teaching Chromatography was the equipment, specifically the reliance on second-hand, older, less reliable equipment or simple systems that don’t offer good quality chromatography. We also discovered that due to the age of this equipment, many of them were no longer supported by original manufacturers – which caused other concerns and problems.

Furthermore, the size of these outdated systems added another layer of complexity; many universities have difficulty fitting these traditional systems in their smaller labs.


Equipped with these insights, our mission became clear - to develop an educational GC system that would bridge the gap between the demands of education and the constraints imposed by existing systems. By acknowledging educational settings' unique requirements and difficulties, we aim to bring modern, reliable, and compact GC systems to all universities, enhancing the learning experience for future scientists.

Innovation Meets Performance: The Birth of the 200 Series GC System

 At the heart of our innovative educational GC system was a focus on analytical performance. We knew that everything would only be meaningful with exceptional chromatographic performance. Thus, the 200 Series GC was born. Equipped with one injector and one detector, this caters to the needs of most users who typically use a limited set of methods.


The 200 Series excels by offering a broad range of detectors, compatibility with packed and capillary columns, a fully temperature programmable oven, and a split/split-less injector- meaning this system never compromises analytical excellence. If you'd like to discuss your requirements further please reach out to us.

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Energy Efficiency Reimagined: Introducing a Unique Oven Design

The heart of what makes the 200 Series GC design a one-off is the unique heat exchanger system used to heat the main GC oven. In a conventional GC, a fan and a heater continuously heat the ambient air and blow it into the oven. This requires a lot of energy and thick insulation to maintain oven temperatures as that heat is lost through the oven walls. 

The 200 Series GC features a flow-through oven and a heat exchanger. The air is heated as it enters the 200 series GC. It then circulates the oven and flows back out via the heat exchanger, transferring this heat to the incoming air. This allows much more heat to be retained, requiring a much less powerful heater and less insulation. This allows the 200 series to be significantly smaller and far more energy efficient than other GC systems without compromising analytical performance.


A typical temperature program on a conventional GC ramping the oven from 70C to 250C at 10C per minute uses 3000VA of power. The same temperature ramp on a 200 Series GC uses only 800VA. Over three times less energy!

Compact and Portable: Designed for Modern classrooms

 The footprint of the 200 GC Series is similar to a standard 17-inch laptop and weighs just 7.5kgs. This makes it perfect for your lab environment, where every inch of space counts. Once you're finished studying or experimenting, it's so compact that it can be easily tucked away in a cupboard. 

The compact design of the 200 Series makes it easy to transport and store, making it an ideal choice for space-conscious laboratories.


Affordable Excellence: Unmatched Value for Your Investment

By focusing on features that truly matter, the 200 Series GC presents excellent value. Users are only paying for features they actually need. For UK customers, flexible monthly payment plans are available, making the advantages of GC more accessible to a broader range of users than ever before.


 Join the Ellutia Revolution: Embrace the Future of Gas Chromatography

The 200 Series GC is more than just a tool for analysis; it represents our values that combine innovative design, exceptional performance, and cost-effectiveness, making high quality GC analysis more accessible. 

If you’re struggling to effectively teach due to using large, outdated, unreliable equipment or smaller, simple systems that don’t offer good quality chromatography and want to find a more straightforward way of teaching high-quality gas chromatography using equipment that is efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, we're here to help. Schedule a Meeting

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